Haircuts And Hair Styles For Older Men

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A nicely cut and styled hair that fits the face is alluring and makes senior men feel younger. Here are haircuts and hair styles for older men to keep them elegant.

There is nothing as unsightly as older men with untidy hair that has no form, especially when the hair is short.

Haircuts and styles have evolved over the years and there are types that are specifically for older gentlemen according to their face shapes.

These styles take into account factors such as thinning hair, receding hairline, and graying locks to create modern and age-appropriate looks.

From classic styles like the Ivy League and the textured crop to more daring options such as the undercut or pompadour, older men now have endless possibilities to maintain a stylish and confident appearance.

Here is a comprehensive men’s hair types and haircuts.

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Why Haircuts Matter to Older Men

Haircuts matter to older men as they contribute to their overall appearance, professionalism, personal expression, confidence, and maintenance of hair hygiene.

Well-groomed and carefully chosen older men’s hairstyles can help older men look and feel their best, regardless of their age.

Here are reasons why haircuts are essential for older men:

Appearance: As men age, their hair may become thinner, grayer, or start to recede. Well-groomed mature men’s hairstyles can help older men maintain a youthful and polished appearance. A carefully chosen hairstyle can also enhance facial features and improve self-confidence.

Professionalism: Many older men are still active in their careers or engage in social activities that require a certain level of professionalism. A neat and well-maintained older men’s hairs tyle can project a sense of professionalism and competence, making a positive impression in both personal and professional settings.

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Personal Expression: Mature men’s hairstyles help older men to express their personal style and individuality. A carefully selected haircut can reflect their personality, interests, or social affiliations, whether it be a conservative style, a trendy cut, or a unique look. It can also present an opportunity for self-expression, where men can experiment or modify their appearance to suit their preferences.

Confidence Boost: Mature men’s hairstyles have the power to boost self-esteem and confidence. Older men often face various physical changes and societal stereotypes associated with aging. By getting a stylish and well-maintained haircut, they can feel more attractive, stylish, and put-together, thus boosting their confidence levels.

Maintenance and Hygiene: Regular haircuts ensure that older men’s hair is properly maintained and clean. As hair grows longer, it becomes more challenging to manage, resulting in a messy or unkempt appearance. Regular haircutting helps keep the hair manageable, preventing tangling, knots, or excessively dry or oily hair, which can affect overall hygiene.

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Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Haircut for Older Men

Certainly, every haircut is not for everybody. Haircuts are chosen considering the following factors:

Facial Structure and Shape: Different face shapes (e.g. round, oval, square) may suit certain hairstyles better than others. Considering your facial structure before choosing a haircut can help enhance your features and create a balanced look.

Hair Type and Texture: Your hair type (e.g. straight, wavy, curly) and texture (e.g. fine, thick) will determine how certain haircuts will look and behave. Understanding your hair’s natural tendencies can help you choose a hairstyle that will be easier to manage and style.

Lifestyle and Personal Preferences: Your lifestyle and personal preferences should also be considered when choosing mature men’s hairstyles. For example, if you lead an active lifestyle or have limited time for styling, you may prefer a low-maintenance and easy-to-style haircut. Additionally, personal style and self-expression play a role in choosing a haircut that reflects your personality and makes you feel confident.

Maintenance and Styling Requirements: Consider how much time, effort, and product you are willing to invest in maintaining and styling your hair. Some haircuts may require regular trims or more frequent styling to maintain their shape and appearance. Be realistic about your commitment to hair upkeep before choosing a haircut.

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Understanding Hair Types and Scalp Conditions for Mature Men’s Hairstyles

Hair types and scalp conditions play important roles in choosing mature men’s hairstyles and haircuts.

Let’s take a closer look…

Differentiating Between Hair Types (thick, thin, curly, straight, etc.)

Thick Hair: Characterized by a high density of strands, giving a fuller appearance. This hair type tends to be strong and resilient but may require extra styling efforts.

Thin Hair: Characterized by a low density of strands, making it appear less voluminous. Thin hair is more prone to breakage and can benefit from volumizing products and specific haircuts.

Curly Hair: Hair that naturally forms curls or waves. Curly hair has a tendency to be drier and more susceptible to frizz. Proper moisture and styling techniques are crucial to enhance its natural texture.

Straight Hair: Hair that lacks significant curl or wave. Straight hair can be easily styled and is more prone to becoming oily.

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Common Scalp Conditions and their Impact on Choosing Older Men’s Hairstyles

Dandruff: An itchy, flaky scalp condition usually caused by excessive oil production or yeast overgrowth. Choosing shorter haircuts can help prevent the accumulation of flakes and allow for easy application of medicated shampoos.

Seborrheic Dermatitis: A more severe form of dandruff, characterized by red, flaky skin and often accompanied by itching. Avoiding hairstyles that trap heat and moisture on the scalp, such as long hair, may alleviate symptoms.

Male Pattern Baldness: A hereditary condition that causes hair loss and thinning over time. Shorter haircuts tend to be more flattering, as they create an illusion of thickness. Combovers or hairstyles that attempt to conceal hair loss are generally discouraged.

Scalp Psoriasis: Scalp psoriasis is a persistent skin condition characterized by the development of red, scaly patches on the scalp. It is advisable to choose haircuts that are easy to maintain and allow for the application of topical treatments.

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Tips For Managing Specific Hair Types and Scalp Conditions

Thick Hair: Use lightweight products and avoid heavy conditioners that can weigh down the hair. Utilize volumizing techniques to create lift and avoid excessive layering to prevent excessive bulk.

Thin Hair: Opt for shorter haircuts to create the appearance of fuller hair. Use volumizing shampoos and styling products to boost volume. Regular trims can help remove thinning ends and maintain a healthier look.

Curly Hair: Embrace its natural texture by using curl-enhancing products and techniques like scrunching or diffusing. Regular deep conditioning treatments and avoiding excessive heat styling can help prevent frizz.

Straight Hair: Incorporate products that add texture and volume for added body. Frequent shampooing may be necessary to combat oiliness, but be careful not to strip the scalp’s natural oils.

Scalp Conditions: Follow a gentle cleansing routine using medicated shampoos or specialized scalp treatments recommended by a dermatologist. Proper hydration and a balanced diet can also contribute to a healthy scalp.

Short Haircuts for Older Men

Here are the haircuts for older men and their styling options.

1. The Timeless Side Part

The timeless side part hair style

The timeless side part is a classic haircut for older men that has stood the test of time. It is a sophisticated and elegant style that exudes confidence and refinement.

This haircut has been popular among men for decades and continues to be a go-to choice for those wanting a distinguished look.

This style involves a deep side parting with the hair combed neatly to one side, creating a polished and sophisticated look.

It is a versatile haircut that works well with various hair types and lengths, providing a timeless appeal.

The side part is a go-to choice for older men as it offers a refined and distinguished appearance, while also being easy to maintain.

With its clean lines and traditional aesthetics, this haircut adds an air of elegance and professionalism to any man’s overall appearance.

2. The Distinguished Ivy League Cut

The Ivy League hair style for older men

The distinguished Ivy League cut is a timeless and classic haircut for older men, exuding sophistication and refinement.

This style features tapered sides and back, while the hair on top is left longer and neatly combed to the side.

It emphasizes a clean and professional appearance, making it particularly suitable for gentlemen in more mature stages of life.

The Ivy League Cut effortlessly blends a traditional and polished aesthetic with modern sensibilities, making it a popular choice among older men who desire a sophisticated and distinguished look that stands the test of time.

3. The Crew Cut

Crew cut haircut for senior men

The suave crew cut, a classic haircut for older men, exudes a timeless elegance.

This style features short, neatly trimmed hair on the sides and back while leaving a slightly longer length on top.

The contrast between the two lengths creates a refined and sophisticated look, suitable for mature gentlemen.

The suave crew cut requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for busy individuals.

Its simplicity allows for versatility, allowing the hair to be styled with ease for various occasions, whether it be for a formal event or a casual outing.

It is a tasteful and understated choice for older men who seek a distinguished appearance.

4. The Buzz Cut

A typical buzz haircut for older men

The buzz cut is an excellent hairstyle option for older men due to several reasons.

Firstly, it is low-maintenance, requiring minimal effort to style and maintain, making it perfect for those individuals who prefer simplicity.

Secondly, it can help create a more youthful appearance by concealing signs of thinning or graying hair.

It provides a clean and fresh look that can easily make someone look more energetic and vibrant.

Lastly, as hair loss becomes more common with age, the buzz cut eliminates the need to worry about receding hairlines or bald spots, offering a confident and stylish solution for older men.

5. The Textured Crop

Textured crop hair style for mature men

The textured crop haircut is a modern and versatile option for older men seeking a stylish yet age-appropriate look.

It involves cutting the hair shorter on the sides and back, while leaving some length on top.

This top portion is then carefully layered and textured to add volume and movement.

The style can be customized to suit individual preferences and hair types, making it highly adaptable.

The textured crop is a great haircut choice for older men as it provides a fresh and youthful appearance, while still maintaining a sophisticated and refined aesthetic.

6. The Shaved Head Haircut or Clean Shave

Clean shave also called shaved haircut suitable for senior men

The shaved head is a popular haircut choice for older men due to its simplicity and low maintenance.

It involves completely removing all hair from the scalp, creating a smooth and clean look.

This style is often embraced by men who experience thinning hair or baldness, as it eliminates the need for constant styling or hair products.

Additionally, the shaved head can exude confidence and a sense of maturity.

It is a timeless and versatile option that can suit various face shapes and personal styles, making it a go-to choice for many older men seeking a sleek and fuss-free haircut.

7. The Caesar Cut

The Caesar hair cut for mature men

The Caesar cut is a classic and stylish haircut for older men that offers a refined and sophisticated look.

Named after Julius Caesar, this haircut features short, horizontally layered hair with a fringe that is brushed forward.

It is a versatile style that can be adapted to different hair types and face shapes.

The Caesar cut is particularly popular among older men as it helps to conceal receding hairlines and thinning hair, while still maintaining a polished appearance.

With its timeless appeal and easy maintenance, the Caesar cut is a great choice for older men looking for a distinguished and age-appropriate haircut.

Long Hair Styles for Older Men

Here are long older men’s hairstyles to look elegant and younger:

8. The Modern Pompadour

One of the haircuts for older men - the pompadour

The modern pompadour is a fairly long hair style for older men that has gained popularity among them in recent years.

With its roots in the 1950s, this style features short sides and a longer, voluminous top that is slicked back and styled upwards.

It offers a distinguished and sophisticated look, perfect for older gentlemen who want to maintain a stylish appearance.

The modern pompadour provides a timeless and versatile look that can be easily adapted to different hair types and face shapes.

It is a great choice for those who want to embrace their age gracefully while still exuding confidence and elegance.

9. The Undercut

The undercut haircut suitable for older citizen men

The undercut is a popular hair style for older men that involves keeping the hair on top long and styled, while the sides and back are shaved or cut very short.

This style offers a unique balance between contemporary and timeless looks, making it ideal for men who want to appear modern yet age-appropriate.

The undercut can add volume and texture to thinning hair, creating a look that exudes confidence and style.

It also requires minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for older men who prefer a no-fuss hairstyle that still looks trendy and sophisticated.

10. The Sleek Ponytail or Bun

Ponytail or bun hair style

The sleek ponytail or bun is a modern and stylish long hairstyle for older men that exudes sophistication and elegance.

This versatile hairstyle involves gathering the hair at the nape or back of the head and securing it tightly with a hairband to create a sleek, streamlined look.

It is a fantastic option for men with longer hair or those who desire a refined and polished appearance.

The sleek ponytail or bun can effortlessly elevate one’s overall style, projecting maturity and confidence while also offering a practical and functional solution for managing longer hair.

11. Wavy or Curly Flowing Locks

The wavy or curly flowing locks hairstyle - one of the popular hairstyles for older men

Wavy or curly flowing locks is a long hairstyle for older men and can bring a fresh and dynamic appeal.

This style embraces natural texture and allows the hair to fall in loose, cascading waves or curls.

It adds volume and movement to the hair, making it look youthful and full of vitality.

By utilizing a suitable haircut, such as layers, and using products that enhance and define the curls, this hairstyle can be easily managed while still maintaining a sophisticated and refined look.

Wavy or curly flowing locks can be an excellent option for older men who want to embrace their natural hair texture and exude confidence and style.

12. The Taper Fade

The tapper fade hair style for senior men

The taper fade is a modern and stylish hair style for older men that offers a sleek and polished look.

It involves gradually fading the hair from longer lengths at the top to shorter lengths at the sides and back.

This creates a clean and tapered effect, with the hair seamlessly blending into the skin.

The taper fade is a versatile option that can be customized to suit different preferences, allowing for variations in the length and intensity of the fade.

It is a popular choice among older men as it adds a touch of contemporary style while still maintaining a mature and sophisticated appearance.

The Combover

The combover hair style for older men

A combover is a hairstyle commonly worn by mature men with thinning hair or bald spots.

It involves combing the hair on one side of the head over to cover the area with less hair, creating the illusion of a fuller hairline.

The hair is usually combed from the opposite side to ensure maximum coverage. This style is often preferred by older gentlemen as a way to maintain a more youthful appearance and boost their self-confidence.

Combovers can be tailored to suit individual preferences, with variations in length, volume, and parting. It requires regular styling and grooming to keep the desired look intact.

The Impact of Aging on Hair

As men age, they commonly experience changes in hair texture and thickness.

This is mainly due to a decrease in the production of natural oils from the scalp, which leads to dryness and brittle hair.

The hair follicles also tend to shrink, resulting in thinner strands of hair.

Additionally, the rate of hair growth slows down, leading to slower regrowth of thinning or lost hair.

Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes also play a significant role in hair growth and quality as one ages.

The hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can bind to hair follicles and cause them to shrink, leading to thinner hair strands.

This process is more prominent in men, resulting in male pattern baldness.

Also, changes in hormone levels can disrupt the hair growth cycle, leading to an increased proportion of hair follicles transitioning to the resting phase, resulting in a reduction of overall hair volume.

Maintaining Healthy Hair as Age Beckons

To maintain older men’s hairstyles and healthy hair as one grows older, it is essential to adopt appropriate haircare practices.

Regular and gentle cleansing of the scalp and hair is necessary to remove excess sebum, dirt, and product buildup while maintaining a healthy scalp environment.

It is also advisable to use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners to address dryness and brittleness.

Additionally, using hair products that provide nourishment and hydration, such as serums or leave-in conditioners, can help improve the texture and appearance of the hair.

Avoiding excessive heat styling, such as blow-drying and using hot tools, and minimizing chemical treatments can also help prevent further damage and hair loss.

Maintaining balanced and nutritious diet rich in vitamins and minerals, particularly those that support hair health like biotin, zinc, and vitamin E, is crucial.

Regular exercise, stress management, and adequate sleep can also contribute to overall hair health.

Finally, consulting a dermatologist or trichologist can prove beneficial for individuals experiencing severe hair loss or other significant changes related to aging.

Now that we have talked about the basics of older men’s hair, let’s get into the business of the day.

Celebrity Inspiration and Famous Older Men’s Hair Styles

Celebrity inspiration refers to the influence and impact that famous individuals have on our style choices and preferences.

When it comes to hair, many people look to celebrities for ideas and trends, especially when it comes to older men’s hairstyles.

These styles can range from iconic haircuts worn by Hollywood legends to fashion-forward looks sported by contemporary male celebrities.

Iconic Haircuts from Hollywood Legends

Sean Connery’s Slicked-back Hair: Sean Connery, famous for his portrayal of James Bond, often sported a slicked-back hairstyle. This classic look is achieved by combing the hair back and applying a styling product for a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Connery’s slicked-back hair exuded confidence and timeless elegance.

George Clooney’s Textured Salt and Pepper Look: George Clooney is known for his distinguished salt and pepper hair. This style embraces the natural graying of the hair, giving it a textured and mature appearance. Clooney’s hairstyle showcases a blend of both elegance and masculinity, making it a popular choice among older men who embrace their gray hair.

Fashion-Forward Haircuts from Male Celebrities

Brad Pitt’s Stylish Undercut: Brad Pitt often experiments with his hairstyles, and one of his notable looks is the stylish undercut. This haircut features shaved or closely trimmed sides and back while leaving the top longer. It offers a modern and edgy aesthetic while still maintaining a clean and versatile appearance.

Jeff Goldblum’s Versatile Hairstyles: Jeff Goldblum is known for his adventurous approach to grooming and hairstyle experimentation. He has been seen sporting various cuts, from medium-length shaggy hair to slicked-back looks or even wild curls. Goldblum’s versatile hairstyles inspire men to embrace their individuality and try different cuts and textures.

Embracing Individuality and Personal Style

Embracing individuality and personal style refers to the acceptance and celebration of one’s unique characteristics, preferences, and choices in terms of fashion, appearance, and self-expression.

It involves understanding and appreciating that each person has their own distinct taste, personality, and identity that can be reflected through their personal style choices.

Confidence in Expressing Personal Style

Confidence in expressing personal style means having self-assurance and belief in one’s own choices and expressions of personal style.

It involves being comfortable and proud of one’s individuality, irrespective of societal norms or judgment.

Confidence allows individuals to freely express their authentic selves, whether it be through clothing, accessories, or overall aesthetic choices.

Customizing Haircuts to Match Facial Features

Customizing haircuts to match facial features involves understanding that certain hairstyles can complement and enhance the features of an individual’s face.

By considering factors such as face shape, hair texture, and personal preference, one can choose a haircut that flatters their unique facial structure.

For example, individuals with square faces may opt for softer hairstyles to balance angular features, while those with round faces might choose haircuts that add definition and elongate their face shape.

Hairstyles for Square, Round, Oval Faces, Etc.

Square Face: Soft, layered hairstyles, waves, or side-swept bangs can soften the angular jawline and add femininity to square faces.

Round Face: Hairstyles with volume at the crown, longer layers, or textured cuts can create the illusion of length and add structure to rounder face shapes.

Oval Face: Generally considered the most versatile face shape, oval faces can experiment with a wide range of hairstyles, including short cuts, bobs, and long layers, as their balanced proportions allow them to pull off most looks.

Other Face Shapes: There are several other face shapes, such as heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, or oblong. Each has its own recommended hairstyle techniques to highlight or balance specific features. For instance, heart-shaped faces may benefit from chin-length bobs or hairstyles with fullness around the jawline.

Experimenting with different looks and trends involves trying out various styles, fashion trends, and beauty techniques.

This allows individuals to explore and discover what resonates with their personal sense of style and self-expression.

It may involve taking inspiration from fashion magazines, following influencers, trying out new makeup techniques, or experimenting with different clothing styles.

By experimenting, individuals can expand their fashion choices, evolve their personal style, and be open to incorporating new elements to express their uniqueness.


Haircuts and hairstyles for older men are just as important for them as they are for younger ones.

As we age, our hair naturally changes, but that doesn’t mean we have to settle for a boring or outdated look. With the variety of options available, there are older men’s hairstyles that can enhance the older man’s appearance and boost his confidence.

Whether it’s a classic short cut, a modern textured style, or a longer mane, older men have the freedom to express their individuality through their hair.

So, don’t be afraid to experiment and find a haircut that flatters your features and suits your personality.

Embrace the opportunity to age with style and dignity.


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