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The Intersection of Etiquette and Positive Masculinity

A true gentleman, the intersection of etiquette and positive masculinity

True Gentleman, the flexible non-conformist…

… the hub for inspiring guides, catering to every man, young and old, where we celebrate the fusion of gentlemanliness and positive masculinity – a perfect balance every man should strive for. Despite masculinity’s hard exterior and association with dominance and toughness, it conceals insecurities and fragility in its soft core. In our demanding society, it’s essential to nurture mental, emotional, and physical well-being by challenging harmful and toxic masculinity and expectations.

We aim to define true gentlemanliness and promote positive masculinity, focusing on chivalry, kindness, empathy, and self-respect. Our blog plunges into the deeps to bring for our growing readers the key values defining the gentleman including self-care, emotional intelligence, and authentic connections. Join our community and grow with us as we challenge norms and embrace positive masculinity. 

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Introduction to the life of gentleman
A man showing off his gentleman etiquette and manners
A man kissing the hand of a woman in a chivalrous move, answering the question: What is chivalry?
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