Definition Of A Real Man And How To Be One

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Here is the definition of a real man and how to develop qualities such as integrity, empathy, virility, leadership, and more that define him.

Being a real man who commands respect is beyond growing huge biceps, being an alpha male, or being able to lift several tons of loads.

The concept of a real man has evolved, transcending stereotypical notions of masculinity.

In today’s society, he is not defined by physical strength or stoic demeanour alone, but also by vulnerability that is not emasculation.

As ages come and go, social norms change and so does what it means to be a real man.

We have answered all the necessary questions concerning a real man in this article, from empathy to kindness, respect, emotional intelligence, and more.

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Definition of a Real Man

A confident and emotionally intelligent man

The definition of a real man varies across different cultures and societies, and it has also evolved.

Traditionally, a real man was often associated with attributes such as physical strength, emotional resilience, and being the main provider for his family.

These qualities were often viewed as essential to demonstrate masculinity.

Society’s changing expectations, increased awareness around gender roles, and the fight for gender equality have led to a more nuanced understanding of masculinity.

A real man is a man someone who displays strength not just in physical form, but also in his character.

He possesses qualities like integrity, honesty, and compassion.

He takes responsibility for his actions and works towards self-improvement.

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Why Should You Be a Real Man?

Being a real man is important because it

  • Encourages healthier relationships, promotes empathy and understanding, and contributes to a more inclusive and compassionate society.
  • Embracing the qualities of a real man, such as emotional intelligence, respect, integrity, and support for others, not only benefits your well-being but also creates a positive impact on the community.
  • Being real with your manliness can inspire others, create a culture of mutual respect and empathy, and contribute to a more harmonious and equitable world for everyone.

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What Makes a Man a Real Man?

A real man exudes a diverse set of qualities that transcend traditional stereotypes of masculinity.

He demonstrates emotional intelligence, respect, integrity, responsibility, adaptability, and a commitment to supporting and empowering others.

By embracing these traits, he contributes to a more inclusive and progressive vision of manliness.

This helps to establish meaningful connections and positive change in society.

Being a real man is about embracing your humanity and striving to make a positive and meaningful impact on the world.

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How to Be a Real Man

Here are steps you can take to be the real man you desire and make a difference in your community and the lives of those around you:

1. Be Emotionally Intelligent

Emotional intelligence is essential for being a real man.

It is the ability to understand and manage your emotions while empathizing with others.

A real man with emotional intelligence communicates effectively, resolves conflicts constructively, and demonstrates empathy and understanding.

By cultivating emotional intelligence, you can build stronger, more meaningful relationships, and avoid or navigate challenges with confidence.

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2. Be Vulnerable

A vulnerable man

Vulnerability is a crucial aspect of being a real man, as it involves the willingness to acknowledge and express your emotions and struggles openly.

Embracing vulnerability allows a man to connect more deeply with others, with empathy and understanding in relationships.

It demonstrates strength and authenticity, challenging the traditional bad side of stoicism and emotional suppression.

By being vulnerable, you can cultivate emotional resilience, and seek support when needed.

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3. Hone Self-reflection and Emotional Awareness

A man looking at himself in the mirror to demonstrate self-awareness and self-reflection

To be a real man, it is essential to engage in self-reflection and cultivate emotional awareness.

This involves acknowledging and understanding your emotions, as well as developing empathy and sensitivity towards the feelings of others.

You should not be afraid to express vulnerability and seek support when needed, recognizing that emotional strength lies in the ability to navigate and communicate your feelings effectively.

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4. Develop Respect and Empathy

Respect and empathy are foundational qualities of a real man and you should cultivate them.

Treating others with dignity, compassion, and understanding is crucial in all interactions, whether in personal relationships, professional settings, or within the community.

Real men actively listen to the perspectives of others and seek to understand diverse experiences.

They demonstrate empathy in their actions, sustaining an environment of mutual respect and inclusivity.

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5. Cultivate Integrity and Accountability

Integrity - one of the tips on how to be a real man

Real men uphold integrity and accountability in their words and actions and you have to reflect those to be a real man.

They adhere to a strong moral compass of honesty, reliability, and ethical decision-making.

Taking responsibility for their actions and acknowledging mistakes with humility are integral aspects of being a real man.

By maintaining a high standard of integrity, real men build trust and credibility in their relationships and communities.

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6. Support and Empower Others

A man hugging another in a show of support

To be a real man, you must uplift and support those around you helping them reach their full potential.

Whether it is through mentorship, advocacy for social justice, or promoting inclusivity, real men actively work to create opportunities for others to thrive.

By leveraging your influence and resources, you contribute to a more equitable and just society.

Including recognizing the importance of using your privilege to uplift marginalized voices.

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7. Positive Communication and Conflict Resolution

Effective communication and conflict resolution skills are essential for being a real man.

Real men engage in open, honest, and respectful communication, actively listening to others and expressing themselves clearly and empathetically.

They seek to resolve conflicts through dialogue and compromise, prioritizing understanding and cooperation over aggression or dominance.

By employing healthy communication and conflict resolution, they contribute to harmonious and supportive relationships.

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8. Embrace Courage and Resilience

Real men demonstrate courage and resilience in the face of adversity.

This involves confronting challenges with determination, perseverance, and a willingness to take calculated risks.

Also, understand that vulnerability and setbacks are part of the human experience, and approach them with strength and optimism, inspiring others through your resilience and fortitude.

9. Be a Gentleman

Being a gentleman is a fundamental aspect of being a real man when you possess traits such as courtesy, respect, and kindness.

A man who expresses the qualities of a gentleman demonstrates chivalry, consideration for others, and a commitment to ethical behaviour.

10. Be a Leader

Leadership is integral to being a real man, involving the ability to inspire, guide, and positively influence others.

A real man demonstrates leadership by taking responsibility, making ethical decisions, and empowering those around him.

Whether in personal relationships or within the community, effective leadership encourages a culture of respect, cooperation, and positive change, contributing to a more inclusive and compassionate society.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a man real man?

A real man embodies integrity, respect, emotional intelligence, and a commitment to supporting and empowering others.

What it takes to be a true man?

Being a true man requires emotional awareness, empathy, responsibility, and a dedication to positive change in society.

How can I be a good real man?

To be a good real man, cultivate integrity, empathy, respect, and a commitment to supporting and empowering others.

How do I start being a man?

Start by cultivating emotional intelligence, respect, integrity, and a commitment to positive change in yourself and your interactions with others.


Being a real man has to do with qualities that transcend traditional stereotypes of masculinity.

By cultivating emotional awareness, respect, empathy, integrity, support, positive communication, courage, and resilience, you can express the qualities of a real man in your life.

Embracing these qualities contributes to a more inclusive and compassionate vision of masculinity.

This in turn produces meaningful connections and positive change in society.

I believe with this succinct article, we can explain the definition of a real man and how to become one.


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