9 Outdated Acts Of Chivalry Modern Men Should Shun

Last updated on July 4th, 2024 at 11:34 am

Learn the 9 outdated acts of chivalry that no longer align with contemporary norms and expectations.

Chivalry is often associated with the medieval code of conduct that knights followed, which included values such as honor, courage, and courtesy towards women.

However, in today’s modern society, the concept of chivalry has evolved and some behaviours that were once considered chivalrous are now seen as outdated or even harmful.

In this article, we will discuss nine chivalry behaviours modern men should ditch to promote equality and respect for all people.

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Outdated Acts of Chivalry Men Should Ditch

1. Insisting on paying for everything

One common chivalrous behaviour that modern men are often encouraged to engage in is always paying for meals, drinks, or other expenses when on a date.

While it is important to be generous and considerate, automatically assuming that the man should foot the bill can reinforce outdated gender roles and establish unhealthy power dynamics in the relationship.

What to Do

Instead, it is more respectful to discuss and agree on who will pay for what, or to take turns covering expenses.

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2. Overly protector

Another traditional chivalry behaviour you should do away with is the idea that men should always act as protectors towards women, whether it be physically, emotionally, or financially.

While it is important to prioritize safety and well-being, the assumption that women always need to be saved or taken care of can be demeaning and disempowering.

What to Do?

It is more respectful to treat women as equals and to offer support and assistance based on their individual needs and preferences.

3. Making decisions without input

In the past, chivalry often involved men making decisions on behalf of women without consulting them or taking their preferences into account.

In modern relationships, it is important to communicate openly and respect each other’s opinions and choices.

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What to Do?

Making decisions as a team based on mutual respect and understanding is more conducive to a healthy and equal partnership.

4. Expecting gratitude for basic kindness

Some men may expect praise or gratitude for simply being polite or respectful towards women, such as holding doors open or offering compliments.

While it is important to show appreciation for each other’s actions, expecting recognition for basic acts of kindness can come across as insincere or entitled.

What to Do?

Genuine respect and consideration should be offered without the expectation of receiving anything in return.

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5. Using possessive language

Chivalry often involved men referring to women in possessive terms, such as “my lady” or “my woman,” which can imply ownership or control.

In modern relationships, it is important to use respectful and inclusive language that recognizes each person’s individuality and autonomy.

What to Do?

Referring to each other as equals and partners sustains a sense of mutual respect and understanding.

6. Assuming gender roles

Chivalry was often based on strict gender roles, with men expected to be strong and stoic protectors, while women were expected to be delicate and passive.

In modern society, it is crucial to challenge and break down these outdated stereotypes to promote equality and acceptance of diverse identities.

What to Do?

Men should feel free to express their emotions and vulnerability, while women should feel empowered to assert their agency and independence.

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7. Treating women as delicate flowers

Chivalry often idealized women as delicate and fragile beings in need of constant protection and care.

In reality, women are strong, resilient individuals capable of making their own decisions and facing challenges.

What to Do?

Treating women as equals and respecting their abilities and independence is a more honest and respectful approach to modern relationships.

8. Expecting women to fulfill traditional roles

In traditional chivalry, women were expected to fulfill certain domestic and nurturing roles, such as caring for the home and raising children.

In modern society, it is important to recognize and support women’s choices and aspirations, whether they choose to focus on their careers, their families, or their interests.

What to Do?

Men should be supportive partners who encourage and empower women to pursue their goals and dreams.

One of the most harmful aspects of traditional chivalry is the idea that men are entitled to women’s time, attention, and affection without their consent.

In modern relationships, it is crucial to prioritize communication and respect for each other’s boundaries and autonomy.

What to Do?

Consent should always be sought and respected in all interactions, whether physical, emotional, or sexual.

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Final Word from Gentsways

Chivalry behaviours that prioritize respect, equality, and genuine kindness are always appreciated and valued in modern society and relationships.

By discarding outdated and harmful chivalry behaviours, men can contribute to creating more inclusive and respectful relationships with people around them.

Embracing a mindset of mutual respect, understanding, and support is key to building healthy and fulfilling partnerships that are based on equality and empowerment.


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